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wiki.fini's RichmondPM web /bin/view/RichmondPM The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2015 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] TWiki Administrator [] wiki.fini FINI home.RichmondPM /v/RichmondPM /pub/TWiki/FiniLogos/fini_logo.jpg PodPerspectives /v/RichmondPM/PodPerspectives?t=2009-01-03T18:23:17Z POD PERSPECTIVES POD PERSPECTIVES Placement Styles Pod head1 Sections To Include Formatters Verifiers Nifty Tools Misc Annoyances Community Conventions ... (last changed by JohnLundin) 2009-01-03T18:23:17Z JohnLundin WebPreferences /v/RichmondPM/WebPreferences?t=2009-01-03T17:22:00Z RichmondPM Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the RichmondPM web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ., and ... (last changed by JohnLundin) 2009-01-03T17:22:00Z JohnLundin WebHome /v/RichmondPM/WebHome?t=2008-12-30T19:13:35Z Richmond Perl Mongers This is the wiki for Richmond Perl Mongers ( Some of the information on this wiki is carefully controlled, but for the most ... (last changed by JohnLundin) 2008-12-30T19:13:35Z JohnLundin PerlHowTo /v/RichmondPM/PerlHowTo?t=2008-08-26T12:41:10Z Perl How To Reversing a hash. Using references. Sometimes you want to do a look up by value in a key value pair. A very simple example: KEY filename , VALUE ... (last changed by JohnIngersoll) 2008-08-26T12:41:10Z JohnIngersoll PerlHacks /v/RichmondPM/PerlHacks?t=2008-08-26T12:37:32Z Perl hacks were the subject of the August 10, 2006 meeting. If you have any interesting perl hackery you've done recently, feel free to post it here. Calling a Function ... (last changed by JohnIngersoll) 2008-08-26T12:37:32Z JohnIngersoll ExmPod2Twiki /v/RichmondPM/ExmPod2Twiki?t=2008-05-09T02:03:39Z NAME perlmodstyle Perl module style guide INTRODUCTION This document attempts to describe the Perl Community's "best practice" for writing Perl modules. It extends ... (last changed by JohnIngersoll) 2008-05-09T02:03:39Z JohnIngersoll JohnLundinDevel /v/RichmondPM/JohnLundinDevel?t=2008-04-05T19:11:57Z Development and Project Support (Note that Repositories are a separate topic.) Projects Version Control Current leading distributed SCM contenders: Git, Mercurial ... (last changed by JohnLundin) 2008-04-05T19:11:57Z JohnLundin WebLeftBarLogin /v/RichmondPM/WebLeftBarLogin?t=2007-08-21T12:21:01Z "}% ' else ' '}% //LeftBar?templatetopic .WebLeftBarPersonalTemplate topicparent \" "}% (last changed by CynthiaManuel) 2007-08-21T12:21:01Z CynthiaManuel WebLeftBar /v/RichmondPM/WebLeftBar?t=2007-08-21T12:20:30Z " warn "off"}% (last changed by CynthiaManuel) 2007-08-21T12:20:30Z CynthiaManuel PossibleMeetingPlaces /v/RichmondPM/PossibleMeetingPlaces?t=2007-05-19T15:49:48Z site thoughts This is geared towards finding a place for technical meetings. Panera Willow Lawn seems our social meeting home and it's great for that. But its ... (last changed by JohnLundin) 2007-05-19T15:49:48Z JohnLundin EventsList /v/RichmondPM/EventsList?t=2007-05-08T18:38:53Z Events in wikical Here are Richmond Perl Mongers ( events in "wikical" format. Thanks to CalendarPlugin. See these events in a calendar on YearLongCalendar ... (last changed by ChristopherHicks) 2007-05-08T18:38:53Z ChristopherHicks YearLongCalendar /v/RichmondPM/YearLongCalendar?t=2007-05-08T18:34:26Z Year Long Calendar (last changed by ChristopherHicks) 2007-05-08T18:34:26Z ChristopherHicks PerlPrototypes /v/RichmondPM/PerlPrototypes?t=2006-08-16T02:04:07Z This article references code from the Perl Hacks article. This is not a full discussion of prototypes. Here is some good reference material on Perl subroutine prototypes ... (last changed by MattAvitable) 2006-08-16T02:04:07Z MattAvitable TestingModules /v/RichmondPM/TestingModules?t=2006-05-23T11:22:56Z Useful Perl Testing Modules This a relatively short list of Test modules that are available from CPAN. I picked some of the more powerful and useful modules that ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2006-05-23T11:22:56Z guest BundleYourPerlCode /v/RichmondPM/BundleYourPerlCode?t=2006-05-19T18:24:19Z Bundle your Perl Code Why? If we look at Egypt, it is been marveled as the home of the architecture for man. It is home to great Pryamids of Egypt (one of the ... (last changed by SteveKirkup) 2006-05-19T18:24:19Z SteveKirkup WebAtom /v/RichmondPM/WebAtom?t=2006-04-24T15:58:24Z (last changed by ChristopherHicks) 2006-04-24T15:58:24Z ChristopherHicks

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