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Package TWiki::Merge

Support for 3-way merging of strings. Similar to, except that: a) it's considers the ancestor revision of the string, and b) it works. :-P

StaticMethod merge ($a,$b,$c,$arev,$brev,$crev,$sep,

$writeConflict, @info )

Perform a merge of two versions (b and c) of the same text, using HTML tags to mark conflicts. a is the common ancestor.

The granularity of the merge depends on the setting of $sep. For example, if it is "\\r?\\n", a line-by-line merge will be done.

Where conflicts exist, they are labeled using the provided revision numbers. If a $writeConflict method is passed, then that's called to override the built-in conflict formatting. Non-conflicting content is not labeled.

Here's a little picture of a 3-way merge:

a <- ancestor / b c <- revisions \ / d <- merged result, returned.

call it like this:

my ( $ancestorMeta, $ancestorText ) = $store->readTopic( undef, $webName, $topic, $originalrev ); $newText = TWiki::Merge3::merge( $ancestorText, $prevText, $newText, $originalrev, $rev, "new", '\r?\n' );

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