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Personal Info AddOn

User personalisation and user search tool.

A set of elements to enhance user information on the user homepage:

  • User picture
  • Quick overview of the most common user information
  • Quickly edit user information

Search tools to find users:

  • Quick find phone list
  • Quick find face book

When installed, see Main.PersonalInfoHome? for additional details.


User homepage

The user homepage with user picture and most common information 'lifted' from the extended UserForm. The information that is shown is configurable.

Screenshot of personalInfo block

Edit mode of user information

Foolproof editing of most common user data.

Screenshot of personalInfo: edit data

Choosing a personal picture

Each user can have multiple pictures and select one of them.

Screenshot of personalInfo: set picture screen

If TWiki:Plugins.ImagePlugin is installed, pictures are scaled on the server so camera pictures can be safely uploaded without fear of network congestion.

Quick search phone list

When installed at our homepage this quickly became the killer app of our intranet twiki.

If TWiki:Plugins/AttachContentPlugin is installed, data is read from a saved attachment file. Each time a user makes a change to the user topic this file is updated.

Screenshot of phone list quick search

Face book

Similar to the phone list but with pictures.

Screenshot of face book page


  • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = User personalisation and user search tool

A note on upgrading

If you are upgrading from a previous version of this add-on, please note that any customizations in PersonalInfo will be overwritten. If you have made any customizations, copy them and re-add them to the new PersonalInfo topic.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the ZIP file from the Plugin web (see below).
  • Unzip in your ($TWIKI_ROOT) directory.
  • Select the data files for your version of TWiki (you are currently running on Wed, 08 Feb 2006 build 8740)
    • TWiki 4.1.x: use /data/_PersonalInfoAddOn04x01
    • TWiki 4.2.x: use /data/_PersonalInfoAddOn04x02
  • Copy the data files to your Main web.
  • Optional plugins:
  • Alternatively,
    • Manually resolve the dependencies listed below. None

Updating from TWiki 4.1 to 4.2

If you are using PersonalInfoAddon for TWiki 4.1, and need to update to the version for TWiki 4.2, copy these files from /data/_PersonalInfoAddOn04x02 to your Main web:
  • PersonalInfoLayoutModules
  • PersonalInfoModules
  • PersonalInfoPictureDeleteViewTemplate
  • PersonalInfoPictureUploadViewTemplate
  • PersonalInfoPictureViewTemplate
  • PersonalInfoUserViewTemplate

AddOn Info

Authors: TWiki:Main.ArthurClemens
Copyright ©: 2007 Arthur Clemens
License: GPL
Dependencies: None
Plugin Version: 1.3 (23 Aug 2007)
23 Aug 2007 1.3 Made this add-on work on TWiki 4.1. Added vCard format and improved facebook display.
12 Jun 2007 1.2 Update for TWiki 4.2 template refactoring (so the add-on will work with default skin as well); images can now be rendered using ImagePlugin; added "table of all users" and face book.
07 Apr 2007 1.1.2 Update to match PatternSkin svn release number 13320.
07 Mar 2007 1.1.1 Fixed CSS bug on Win Explorer 6.
06 Mar 2007 1.1 Modularized include sections to make these easier to override: all local overrides can now safely happen in the PersonalInfo topic.
06 Mar 2007 1.0.2 Added phoneListXML output.
05 Mar 2007 1.0.1 Small documentation updates.
04 Mar 2007 1.0 First release.
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