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Systems Analysis

Systems analysis is the science dealing with analysis of complex, large scale systems and the interactions within those systems.

The systems discussed within systems analysis can be within any field such as industrial processes, management or decision making processes, environmental protection processes etc. Systems analysis researchers apply mathematical methodology to the analysis of the systems involved to form a detailed overall picture.

Discussions Within Systems Analysis

FINI applies this methodology in regard to information technology and it's integration and interaction within your business processes. Enabling you to make informed, logical decisions about your business practices in the 21st century, as well as the information technology you utilize.

FINI gives you time to think about something (anything) other than technology.

The typical use of systems analysis is to guide decisions on issues such as national or corporate plans and programs, resource use and protection policies, research and development in technology, regional and urban development, educational systems, and other social services. Clearly, the nature of these problems requires an interdisciplinary approach that FINI is uniquely capable of providing.

Whether your organization has one computer or 100,000 computers, FINI can help you leverage the full power of your computing environment and fully utilize the abundant information resources that environment should be supplying you.

Stop being a victim of fear, uncertainty and doubt and let FINI navigate your technology efforts.

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