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What does FINI do best?

We make PIES!

Platform Independent Enterprise Software.

That's what we call our Linux server based software solutions.

PIES are cross platform applications that are housed on a server, making them accessible to literally anyone using any type of computer connected to the Internet. So how is this different from the current client/server technologies? With client/server technologies the user still has to have the software installed on their computer in order to use it. With PIES, nothing ever has to be installed on the users system.

PIES are secure and totally flexible. You have absolute control over who can access your PIES, and what can be done with them.

We currently serve the following PIES:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory
  • Shipping and Fullfillment
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Accounting and Reporting

We have several other PIES in development. Most importantly though, we can develop PIES, inexpensively, for whatever your needs may be.

Now you're saying, "Yea, I've seen web software. Those cutesy JAVA based games and applications that crash and take forever to load." Yep, we have too. But those aren't PIES.

PIES are written totally in Perl, JavaScript, MySQL, and our own web database engine, FINIcase! PIES run on Linux. Combining these technologies can open the door to significant time and resource savings, not only internally, within your own organization, but externally with your vendors, dealers, and business systems auditors. PIES can be used to perform all of your business activities.

For most situations PIES can usually be developed within a few months. If it is a case of merely adapting one of our current PIES to your business practices that can usually be done within a few weeks.

PIES are unique so it is difficult to give general price estimates, but we can tell you that many of our PIES cost less than $5000. That's regardless of the number of users! That's with source code availability! That's with installation and training!

There is never a charge for an initial consultation. So, don't hesitate to call and discuss your needs with us.

What can you do with PIES?

You do whatever you need to do with them! There are no bounds to the kinds of PIES that can be made. Right now we have PIES that totally replace the accounting, customer resource management, inventory, sales and distribution software for companies with 20 - 10,000+ employees. PIES can also be customized to your needs since they're so flexible. Think about any business activity you can and we can develop PIES to handle it for you. Payroll, accounts receivable and payable, training, communications, you name it, no matter what kind of business you're in.

So now you're saying, there's no way my company could afford to invest time or money in cutting edge software." Wrong. As we said, PIES are much cheaper and faster to develop because the user-developer feedback loop is continuous and there is no distribution overhead. PIES are vastly easier to support so we don't have to pay hundreds of support technicians just so you can use our PIES.

Updates to your software are done automatically without you ever having to do a thing. In many cases updates to our software are free for the life of the product. When you think about all those Microsoft licensing fees, it doesn't take long to realize the kind of cost savings we are talking about here.

Go ahead, break free of the monopoly and contact us to start benefiting from PIES technology today.

If we can't convince you of the viability of PIES take a look at what others are saying about this new technology.

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