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Flamingo Internet Navigators is a small, independent research and development house. We like to think of ourselves as "a little company making a big difference".

For many years the birds now here at FINI roamed the land trying to solve people's information technology problems. While uniquely suited to this type of life, these birds found themselves increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the legacy and Microsoft technologies being deployed by organizations large and small.

We wanted to be able to do more, better, faster without the limitations of sitting on the phone with product tech support for 14 hours trying to figure out why a vendor's product wouldn't work in our environment.

We wanted to be able to offer solutions to people that worked, each and every time, the way they wanted the software to work for them. So as they say, "Birds of a feather flock together" and we all eventually migrated to become Flamingo Internet Navigators!

Christopher Hicks, Founder and Alpha Geek Read his Founder's Statement. His Edge Reports are even better!

Cynthia Manuel, Creative Director

Roaming Flamingians: Aaron Marshall, John Lundin, Wolf McSherry, Mark Whittington, Rob Benson, Jeff Keller, Jeff Duffy, Walt Lin, Seth Fowler, Malia Kuhi, Karen Keller.

Our NOC is located in Williamsburg Virginia. Our R&D Lab is located in Newport News, Virginia.

You can email us at


This is where we brag about our clients.

Policies and Procedures

FINI Terms of Service versions 1, 2, and 3 are out of date. They have been superceeded by version 4 for compliance with OpenSRS.

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